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Safe Storage

Colorado Needs Safe Storage Law

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Colorado Ceasefire supports the passage of HB20-1355 Safe Storage bill, introduced in March by  Reps. Monica Duran and Kyle Mullica, and Sens. Jeff Bridges and Chris Hansen.

This Bill Would Require:

  • Gun owners to store their weapons so that they are not accessible to juveniles or prohibited persons.
  • Gun dealers to provide locking devices and information on safe storage to buyers.

Failure to safely store weapons would result in a misdemeanor.

Exceptions occur if:

  • The gun owner carries the firearm on or close to his person
  • The firearm is in a locked gun safe or other secure container
  • The gun owner properly installs a locking device on the firearm
  • The firearm is an antique
  • A juvenile uses a firearm in defense of persons or livestock.

If passed, this law would be the first in Colorado requiring adult gun owners to keep guns safely stored out of the hands of minors.

Without a safe storage law, children and toddlers have accessed guns and wounded themselves or other children.  Teens have accessed guns in their home to kill others or themselves.

In school shootings, the vast majority of shooters used a firearm they found in their home.

In homes with guns, the risk of suicide is five times greater.  The risk of homicide is three times greater in households with guns.

Keeping guns unloaded and locked away while storing the ammunition separately in a locked place will save lives.