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Responding to Gun Rights Activists

Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was killed at Columbine High School, has spent the last 20+ years working to reduce gun violence and helping parents, who, like him, have paid the ultimate sacrifice to the gun lobby.   Having heard just about every excuse/argument/diatribe from gun rights activists in opposition to common sense gun laws, he

Colorado Ceasefire 20th Anniversary Celebration

Colorado Ceasefire 20th Anniversary Celebration Please join us as we celebrate 20 years of our tireless commitment to reducing gun violence in Colorado. The evening will remind us how far we have come and will fuel our passion to continue this life-saving work. Donations collected will support our outreach and education programs, especially those involving

Denver Prohibits Concealed Carry in City Properties

For Immediate Release                                          May 16, 2022            For Information Contact: Eileen McCarron                                            Denver Prohibits Concealed Carry in City Properties The city council of Denver, Colorado tonight voted

Sandy Hook Parents Win Gun Industry Suit

Historic settlement holding Remington Arms Accountable It is over nine years after the Sandy Hook shooting, but families of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting were finally awarded $73 million from Remington Arms, which manufactured the assault weapon used to kill 26 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Remington Arms itself is bankrupt,