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Safe Storage

Colorado Needs Safe Storage Law

Currently, Colorado lacks a law requiring adult gun owners to keep guns safely stored out of the hands of minors.

As a result, children and toddlers have accessed guns and wounded themselves or other children.  Teens have accessed guns in their home to kill others or themselves. 

In school shootings, the vast majority of shooters used a firearm they found in their home.

In homes with guns, the risk of suicide is five times greater.  The risk of homicide is three times greater in households with guns.

Keeping guns unloaded and locked away while storing the ammunition separately in a locked place will save lives.  That’s why Ceasefire proposes legislation that would make it an unclassified misdemeanor if:

  • A person keeps a loaded firearm within any premises that are under his or her custody or control; and
  • He or she knows or reasonably should know that a minor is able to gain access to the firearm without the permission of the minor’s parent or legal guardian; and
  • The minor obtains access to the firearm; and
  • The minor uses the firearm to cause death or bodily injury to himself, herself, or another person or carries the firearm to a public or private school or to any school-sponsored event.

Ceasefire believes such legislation should outline exceptions to the crime, including

  • When the minor obtains possession while defending his or her residence from unlawful entry, or acting in lawful self-defense or defense of another person;
  • When the minor obtains possession of the firearm while under the direct supervision of the minor’s parent or guardian while hunting, engaging in an organized competition involving the use of firearms, and other similar activities.

We believe that legislation should also require licensed gun dealers to provide a written warning regarding storage requirements for a firearm to each person to whom the dealer sells or transfers a firearm and to post the same warning at each purchase counter.  It would also require gun show promoters to post the same warning at each entrance of a gun show.