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Colorado’s Senator Gardner places HOLD on FIX NICS

Following the Sutherland Springs church massacre, where 25 people were shot and killed, it was discovered that the shooter should not have been able to purchase his weapons because of a domestic violence conviction.  The fault for this error lay with the Air Force, which failed to report the conviction, which they are required to do.  S. 2135 (sponsored by Republican John Cornyn of Texas), would force government agencies and departments to turn over their relevant records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  The bill is colloquially called FIX NICS.

On Face the Nation, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-Yuma, CO) did not deny that he has put a hold on this legislation, which currently has 67 co-sponsors.  In the interview he stumbled around, mentioning due process and constitutionality, but this bill deals with background checks that have been conducted about 25 years.   Why would the senator want people who are so very dangerous to others be able to purchase guns?  Even the NRA (at least ostensibly) approves of this bill.

What an embarrassment for Coloradans, whose citizens and legislature enacted ground-breaking gun restrictions after the Columbine and the Aurora Theater massacres!   Now we find that our own U.S. Senator wants to keep it easy for dangerous individuals to be able to arm themselves with assault rifles and other lethal weaponry.  Shame on Senator Gardner!

Please contact Senator Gardner to let him know you disagree with him and want for him to remove the hold and co-sponsor S. 2135 (202-224-5491 or 303-391-5777)  or click on the action box to the right.

Gardner has received nearly $4 million in political support from the NRA.

Under the Gold Dome in Denver

Three bills will be heard this coming Monday, March 19th at 1:30 p.m.  Join us at the Capitol.

Before Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Room SCR357:

SB18-051  Multi-burst Trigger Activator (Bump Stock) Ban (Sen. Merrifield)
These activators enable semi-automatic firearms to fire at nearly the rate of automatics, which are highly regulated. Ceasefire strongly supports this ban on the devices which were attached to 12 firearms in the Las Vegas shootings, where 58 people were killed, and around 500 wounded.

SB18-052   Repeal of High Capacity Magazine Ban (Sen. Hill/Reps.  Humphrey and Saine)
Following the 2012 Aurora massacre, Colorado prohibited the sale or trade of magazines over 15  rounds.  High Capacity Magazines put the “mass” in “mass shootings.”   Gun rights activists run two bills every year to repeal this life-saving ban.  The House version died this year on February 21st. Ceasefire strongly opposes this bill.

Please contact members of the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs to encourage them to VOTE YES on SB051 and NO on SB052. 

Sen. Vicki Marble (Chair R-Broomfield)    303-866-4876   vicki.marble.senate@state.co.us
Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg (Vice-Chair R-Sterling) 303-866-6360   senatorsonnenberg@gmail.com
Sen. Lois Court (D-Denver) 303-866-4861   lois.court.senate@state.co.us
Sen. Stephen Fenberg (D-Boulder)  303-866-4872   stephen.fenberg.senate@state.co.us
Sen. Owen Hill (R-Colorado Springs)  303-866-2737  owen.hill.senate@state.co.us

Before Senate Judiciary  Room SCR352:  

SB18-185 Use of Deadly Force in a Business Location (Sen. Smallwood) Room 3rd of 3 bills
This Stand Your Ground bill grants civil and criminal immunity to persons who use deadly force in a business location when they feel an intruder may use force, no matter how slight.  A bill of this nature has been introduced for 9 straight years.  A duplicate bill died in the House on February 21st.  Presumably Sen. Smallwood wants to demonstrate his strong pro-gun rights bona fides, as he well knows this bill will suffer the same fate later this year.   Ceasefire opposes this bill.

Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary to encourage them to VOTE NO on SB185.

Sen. Bob Gardner (Chair R-Colorado Springs)  303-866-4880  bob.gardner.senate@state.co.us
Sen. John Cooke (Vice-Chair R-Greeley) 303-866-4451  john.cooke.senate@state.co.us
Sen.  Don Coram (R-Montrose)  303-866-4884  don.coram.senate@state.co.us
Sen.  Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora)  303-866-4879  rhonda.fields.senate@state.co.us
Sen.  Daniel Kagan (D-Cherry Hills Village) 303-866-4846  senatorddanielkagan@gmail.com

Forum on “Protection of Law Enforcement, Churches, and the General Community from Potentially Unstable Individuals”

Hosted by St. Andrew United Methodist Contemporary Issues Class

Panel Includes:
Douglas County Sheriff
Representative from Mental Health Colorado
Representative from Colorado Ceasefire

Date:  Sunday, March 18th
Time:  10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Place:  St. Andrew United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
9203 S. University Blvd.
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

The Highlands Ranch fatal shooting of a Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy on Dec. 31st and the fatal mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida illustrate the need for legal tools for law enforcement to be able to intervene before a person at extreme risk of violent behavior takes their own life or someone else’s.  One proposal is an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO).  ERPO and other pre-emptive actions and risk reduction/protective measures will be discussed.

Ceasefire’s lobbyist has been working non-stop to get an ERPO bill introduced this session.

Walk On By

A member from Montrose has told the store where he buys farming supplies that he can no longer shop there because they sell assault weapons.  He suggests (and we agree) that you no longer buy goods at sporting goods or other stores that sell assault weapons.  Let them know you are unhappy with their endangering their communities.  Last week Cabela’s was having a sale on assault weapons and BUMP STOCKS (Yikes!).




Late Breaking News

  • John Caldera of the Independence Institute, who was a leader in the fight against the 2013 gun laws, received $241,000 from the NRA Foundation in 2016.
  • Rep. Dave Young, who is running for state treasurer, has stated he will divest PERA funds from gun makers if elected. May other candidates in the race make the same pledge!
  • Colorado conservatives are lashing out at students who advocate for gun safety laws or plan to walk out Wednesday.  Radio talk show host Randy Corporon – “The students have no idea what they’re doing.  They’re being manipulated by these leftists.”  He is joined in criticism of student walkouts by Tom Tancredo, talk show host Jeff Crank, former U.S. Rep Tom Tancredo, and former Jeffco school board member (recalled) Julie Williams.

March 24th  March for Our Lives – Denver Civic Center Park  2 pm.
#NeverAgain –  We are proud to participate in the sister city March for our Lives event on March 24th. We will be gathering at 1:30pm Where we’ll gather:  By the Spring Café on the Grant Street side of First Baptist Church (14th and Grant, just south of the capitol) with posters and banners. Put this on your calendar to JOIN US! We’re behind the students 100% and want to show our support. Grab your friends, kids, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles. WE NEED YOU! Stay for the program! There will be a brief program following the 1 –mile march and someone from Colorado Ceasefire will be speaking.

April 20th    National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools

Students, parents and educators will  join together on this the 19th year after the Columbine massacre to call for “No More.”   Stating that gun violence is not a predetermined outcome that we must be prepared for — it is a consequence of decisions made by our elected leaders.   The problem extends far beyond mass shootings,   it affects the lives of our studetns far too often, inside and outside of schools, and especially in communities of color.     Learn more and join at  http://protectourschools.com


Upcoming Committee Hearings  – March 19th

We encourage you to join us on the capitol on March 19th  (1:30 p.m.) for senate hearings on the following 3 bills.

SB18-051  Bump Stock Ban  (Merrifield)  Would prohibit the possession of multi-burst trigger devices.  Room SCR 357 Ceasefire SUPPORTS this bill.

SB18-052  Repeal High Capacity Magazine Ban (Hill/Humphrey and Saine) Yes!  An identical bill was defeated in house committee on February 21st, but the pro-gun rights folks have submitted duplicate bills each of the 5 years since the ban was enacted.  Whew! Room SCR 357  Ceasefire strongly opposes.

SB18-185 Use of Deadly Force in Business (Smallwood)  Would allow civil and criminal immunity for the use of deadly force for uninvited entry.  Yes!  An identical bill was defeated in house committee at the same February 21st meeting, but that doesn’t mean the senator is satisfied. This is the 13th year for this type of proposal.  Room SCR 352.  Ceasefire strongly opposes.

Grinnell College

Did you attend or graduate from Grinnell College (Iowa)? Do your any of your children go to Grinnell?  Do you have friends who attended or are attending Grinnell?  If so, please read and forward as necessary the following:


Members of the Grinnell College Class of 1968, other classmates, and Grinnell faculty and students have been working since May 2017 on issues related to Grinnell College’s acceptance of significant gifts from Pete Brownell, owner of Brownells firearms and accessories in Grinnell. Brownell was elected last spring as president of the NRA and is strongly associated with NRA’s opposition to gun safety efforts in the US as well as to the NRA’s recent publicity campaign against liberals and journalists.  We believe Grinnell’s acceptance of gifts from Brownell contradicts the values of the College as a progressive, liberal arts institution which encourages the free exchange of ideas without fear of violence or intimidation.

As a resident of Grinnell, Brownell has donated to Grinnell College, including to the College’s Ignite Program, which brings K-12 kids to the College for student-led learning events.  Brownell’s interest in Grinnell College came to our attention when he talked publicly about his efforts to change the culture of the College to be more pro-gun.  Please see his archived NRA profile and a video in which he discusses how he taught faculty to appreciate guns.  We don’t believe that any donor to the college should use that relationship to promote their own agenda.

If you share our concern, please sign our petition as over 250 Grinnellians and those who care about the college have already have done by clicking  (https://goo.gl/forms/vnz1fGUUFQOAh4lz2and then posting or forwarding this information to others with ties to Grinnell. 

Although Colorado Ceasefire is an all-volunteer organization, we do contract with a lobbyist at the state capitol  Your financial support is greatly appreciated.  www.ColoradoCeasefire.org

FBI Investigating Possibility of Russian Money given to NRA for Campaigning

Foreign donations to U.S. political campaigns are illegal, but since Citizen’s United, there are ways to fund campaigns where donor information is hidden.  McClatchy News reports that the FBI is investigating whether Russian monies were given to the NRA for campaigning for Donald Trump.

Take Action!!

Send a note to your state senator encouraging support for banning bump stocks.

Post-Sutherland Springs Fix NICS – The Denver City Council recently voted to ban the sale and possession of bump stocks in Denver.  The following morning, Ceasefire joined with Sen. Merrifield and others for a press conference to promote SB18-051.  We need to extend that ban across the state to protect all our citizens. Use the action box at the top of this message to ask your senator to support and pass the bump stock ban sponsored by Sen. Merrifield.


Denver Violence 

The Denver Post notes that violence in Denver continues at high levels. There were 56 homicides in 2017 and 2016, and already in 2018 there have been 13 homicide victims, 12 of which were by gunfire.

Check your knowledge of Gun Violence

Take this quiz from The Trace to see how well you know the issue of gun violence in our country.

We welcome your ideas, your participation, and your support!
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