A Guide to Defending Colorado’s New Gun Safety Laws

by Tom Mauser

Be Prepared! Colorado passed some strong, common sense gun safety laws in 2013. Some gun rights activists have been attacking those laws. Subsequently, they have been pushing bills to gut or repeal the laws. Legislators who approved the new laws have been under attack; in September 2O13 two senators were recalled. So what can be done to protect these laws? Speak up and defend them! Whether it’s around the water cooler at work or in a conversation with neighbors, when someone mentions these gun laws, it’s important that you speak up. Better yet, of course, if YOU are the one bringing it up! To help you defend these laws, you really need to be armed (so to speakl) with information and effective responses. Below are some brief responses to some of the most common arguments put forth by gun rights  activists.

I encourage you to bring the issue down to the basics, and to not waste your time debating the extreme gun activists — instead focusing on the people in “the moveable middle.” lf a gun activist becomes aggressive or insulting, let them misbehave and isolate themselves — don’t take the bait. lf you’d like guidance on how to more effectively engage an audience, visit http://www.danielmauser.com/engage.html.

For more background on the issue, visit http://www.danielmauser.com/guninfo.html  to educate yourself!

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