Sample script 1:
Representative ______________  I am ________________and am your constituent and want to know why an ERPO bill isn’t being introduced.  Certainly when family members and law enforcement know an individual is extremely dangerous, there ought to be a legal means of defusing the danger by firearms removal.  Please encourage your leadership to enable an Extreme Risk Protection Order to be introduced immediately.  

Sample script 2:
Representative __________________  I am __________ and am your constituent.  As we approach the 19th year after the Columbine massacre, students from Parkland, FL who endured another horrific mass shooting will be coming to Colorado for that observation.  What they will find is a state legislature totally reluctant to introduce an applicable bill that would have saved lives:  an Extreme Risk Protection Order.  Please encourage your leadership to see that such a common sense law that can save lives be introduced now.

Colorado students showed up at the Capitol en masse during Student Walkout.  Now House leadership is poised to skewer their hopes and pleas by total inaction.