A common theme of many of the student protests thus far has been a call for serious change and a call for more school safety.  That’s great!  Some more specific calls have been made for things like an assault weapons ban.  The solutions may vary by student group.  It’s your choice.  Here’s a quick look at some potential action items for consideration:

  1. Funding to increase the numbers of counselors, mental health staff, psychologists, and social workers in our schools
  2. Funding more school resource officers
  3. Assault weapons ban
  4. Extreme Risk Protection Orders (also known as Red Flag laws or Gun Violence Restraining Orders), which allow families and law enforcement to ask a judge to remove firearms from the homes of persons in crisis and at a demonstrated risk of harming themselves or others and prohibiting the sale of additional firearms to such persons until the order is lifted
  5. Universal background checks: ensuring that every person attempting to purchase a gun first pass a criminal background check to ensure they are not a prohibited purchaser (Colorado has these laws)
  6. Improving the NICS to ensure that all relevant records are submitted into the system
  7. Raising the age for purchase of a long gun or assault rifle from 18 to 21. (Please note this covers purchase, not use.)
  8. Intensify efforts to make building alterations that better protect students, teachers, and staff
  9. Lift federal restrictions on data collection and research related to gun violence in America so we can better track, monitor, understand, and prevent such gun violence
  10. Banning high capacity ammunition magazines, limiting magazines to a smaller capacity
  11. Banning bump stocks
  12. Installing metal detectors in schools