There are gun laws at all levels of government.  Our federal gun laws are weak.  A number of mostly “blue” states have chosen to impose stricter gun laws not covered by the feds, while most “red” states have not done so.  A number of larger cities have passed even stricter gun laws, though in many “red” states they are prohibited from passing stricter laws than the state’s.

Where does Colorado stand???  Colorado used to have weak gun laws, but they were strengthened following the Columbine, Newtown and Aurora shooting tragedies.  Colorado requires that background checks be conducted for all gun transfers (universal background checks), limits magazines to no more than 15 rounds, and requires that steps be taken to remove firearms from domestic abusers.  Colorado’s laws aren’t as strong as progressive states like California and Massachusetts, but are far better than those of most red states.

Who’s prohibited from owning or purchasing firearms?  The three most notable categories of “prohibited persons”:

  • People convicted of a felony crime–as opposed to people convicted of less serious crimes (misdemeanors)
  • People convicted of domestic abuse
  • People declared by a court action to be mentally disturbed (this would normally mean they were so disturbed they were committed to an institution)

How old to buy a gun?  Under federal law, you must be at least 21 to purchase a handgun.  You only need to be 18 to purchase a “long gun,” which would include shotguns, hunting rifles and assault rifles—though some states are now requiring a person to be 21 for some purchases, as are some gun shops.