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Recall of Representative Tom Sullivan Implodes

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We were ecstatic yesterday upon learning that the sponsors of the recall of Representative Tom Sullivan elected to call off their entire recall process.  Dudley Brown, head of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, told the Denver Post that they were having difficulties in collecting sufficient signatures.  No surprise there.  As we went door-to-door, we found overwhelming support from his constituents.  Many of them used the words “foolish” and “ridiculous” to describe the recall effort.

Those pushing the recall were RMGO and the Colorado GOP.  In addition to the tone-deafness of  running a recall against a man whose son was shot and killed in the Aurora Theater and campaigned on gun violence prevention:

1) The Republican campaign fund run by minority leader Patrick Neville’s brother Joe ran a disgusting ad photoshopped to picture Rep. Sullivan in a criminal mug shot.

2) The Arapahoe Republican vice chair publicly stated Tom Sullivan was politicizing the death of his son.  No, actually, he has been endeavoring to see that other parents don’t have to go through the trauma that his family has.

3) Petition gathers, perhaps distressed at lack of response, began encouraging people to sign the petitions by implying it was to support Tom Sullivan.  That behavior got them banned from that grocery store location.

Congratulations to Tom Sullivan and his wife Terry for actively repulsing the recall.

Thank you to all  who canvassed, phone-banked, contributed or otherwise helped fight the recall. Ceasefire sent a hefty check from our BBQ fundraiser, and we saw a number of you out there walking and talking the story!   Bless you…and pat yourself on the back, because your efforts brought about this victory.

Mike Littwin of the Colorado Independent has an excellent commentary on this result.

Of course, our planned canvassing event for this weekend has been canceled.  But stay tuned, the forces that brought you this travesty are now in search of another candidate to target for takeover, probably in the senate.

Highlands Ranch Shooting – STEM School 

Yet again, Coloradans were startled to learn of another school shooting, this one at the K-12 STEM School Highlands Ranch.  One student was shot and killed and another 8 were wounded, three are still in intensive care.  Two students, an 18-year-old male and a juvenile female, are in custody. 

RMGO lawsuit

Last week, the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners announced they had filed a complaint in state district court seeking to overturn the Extreme Risk law. The lawsuit is based on procedural grounds, rather than constitutional.  The complaint revolves around the “reading at length” of the bill in the House on March 1st.  A review of the recording indicates that the lawsuit is not well founded.  Several motions were not properly stated, and when the actual reading was approximately 1/3 completed, the requester withdrew his motion.

Dudley Brown, RMGO head, reiterated that they have further lawsuits in the works and are not discontinuing their ongoing efforts to recall 3 senators and 9 representatives. Denver Post article.

Graham On Extreme Risk Protection Order Legislation
WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on introducing extreme risk protection order legislation with U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut).  “Our government encourages our citizens that if you ‘See something, Say something.’  We also need ‘Do something.’  Read more

More than 4 million children endured lock downs last school year, a groundbreaking Washington Post analysis found. The experience left many traumatized.

Read the story here.

Ending Family Fire
Brady has just released a new PSA (Public Service Announcement) on the danger of guns in the home.  You can also visit the End Family Fire website. 

‘The World Moves On And You Don’t.’ Parents Who Lost Children in School Shootings Find Comfort in a Group No One Wants to Join’  Read the Time article here.

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