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Two bad gun bills will be heard in senate committees this coming week.  Please contact senators on those committees and urge them to vote NO.   Also, you are welcome to join us in testifying against the bills or being a presence in support of common sense gun laws.  Send a note to and we’ll answer any questions about the process.

SB17-006  Concealed Carry Permits for military under age 21.
Monday, February 13, 2017   1:30 p.m. Room 352
Senate Judiciary Committee  4th of 6 bills

Bob Gardner (R-chair)   303-866-4880
John Cooke (R-vice-chair)   303-866-4451
Don Coram (R)   303-866-4884
Rhonda Fields (D)   303-866-4879
Daniel Kagan (D)   303-866-4846

Bill description:  
This bill would allow those active military and veterans who are between 18 and 21 years of age to obtain a concealed carry permit. Current law requires that a permittee be 21 years of age or older.

Talking Points:

  • In Colorado one must be 21 years old to purchase or receive a transfer of a handgun (except from a family member)
  • The military suffers from higher rates of suicide than the general population.
  • Intimate partner violence is a “serious public health problem that has received increased attention in the military.”  The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the likelihood of homicide by 500%.
  • Public safety-related laws should be focused on improving public safety.  This proposal does not head in that direction.

 SB17-116  Permitless Concealed Carry
Wednesday, February 15, 2017   1:30 p.m. Room 357
Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs   9th of 9 bills

Ray Scott (R-chair)   303-866-3077
Vicki Marble (R-vice-chair)   303-866-4876
Jerry Sonnenberg (R)   303-866-6360
Lois Court (D)  303-866-4861
Stephen Fenberg (D)   303-866 4872

Bill description:  
This bill would allow anyone who is not prohibited from purchasing a handgun to carry it concealed without the necessity of first obtaining a permit.

Talking Points:  

  • Would dispense with background checks, sheriff’s discretion and training.
  • Polling indicates that 88% of voters in western states believe that permits should continue to be required to carry a hidden handgun.
  • 572 people who paid for CCW permits in 2016 were denied because of prohibiting offenses.
  • Since the inception of the permits in 2003, over 4600 people have failed the background check.  These individuals paid up to $150 for the permit.  They  thought they were fine to carry hidden handguns, but found out otherwise.

SB17-007 Repeal of High Capacity Magazine Ban passes Senate
Today (Friday, February 10), Colorado’s senate passed SB17-007 on third reading.  There were three Democrats (Cheri Jahn, Kerry Donovan, and Leroy Garcia) who joined with the Republicans in approving the repeal.   The bill has been assigned to the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee.  No date has yet been set for House consideration.

On Monday, on reconsideration of the 2nd reading vote, there was a floor debate, as well as debate today on the 3rd reading.

  • Sen. Kagan:  “Is there nothing, we who cherish our gun rights, that we are willing to do in terms of restrictions? Nothing to make Colorado a little safer?  This is a very very small accommodation to save lives in Colorado.”
  • Senator Fields: Read the names of the people killed at the Aurora Theater, which is In her district.
  • Senator Merrifield:  The 100-round magazine used in the Aurora Theater contained 3 times the ammunition given to soldiers in Iraq.
  • Senator Fields:  “The state of Colorado is strong.  People are looking to us as leading on so many issues.”  Let’s not go back.
  • Sen. Marble:  “The magazine ban didn’t move our state forward….We are tired of being demonized for being law-abiding citizens.  We demand an apology for being demonized year after year….Guns do not top the list of things to kill people.  Quite the opposite.  Guns and gun owners are being singled out. We’re wondering why.”  Note:  Senator Marble is a tad off-base here.  67% of homicides in Colorado in 2015 were accomplished with a firearm.  Firearm deaths now even exceed motor vehicle deaths in Colorado.

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