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The news is almost too much to bear.  Another mass shooting, this being the worst in modern history.

The carnage at the Las Vegas event, where almost 600 Americans were killed or wounded, was like that of a battlefield.  Yet one man, apparently working alone, did all that damage.  This is what can and did happen when weapons of war are in the hands of civilians.  America’s foolhardiness with firearm policies has claimed yet more victims.

Will this be just another act of madness remarked on and then forgotten with the next news event?

We can’t let that happen.  It is madness that America continues to accept these tragedies as just a normal part of American life.

Meanwhile, Congress is considering bills that would loosen gun laws — including:

  • federally mandating that all states accept the concealed weapons permits of all other states regardless of their own state rules
  • letting manufacturers decide what is classified as an armor-piercing (cop-killer) bullet
  • relaxing laws on the interstate transport of firearms, and
  • and making gun silencers more easily obtainable.

We need for you to act today.  Please call your U.S. Senators and Representative and demand that they make America safer by increasing our gun regulations…not loosening them.  You can also click here to send them a note directly.

CD1  Diana DeGette   (Denver)    202-225-4431   303-844-4988

CD2  Jared Polis (Boulder)   202-225-2161   303-484-9596

CD3  Scott Tipton   (W. and S. Colorado) 202-225-4761   970-241-2499

CD4  Ken Buck  NE Colorado   202-225-4676   720-639-9165

CD5  Doug Lamborn Colorado Springs   202-225-4422   719-520-0055

CD6  Mike Coffman east suburban Denver  202-225-7882   720-748-7514

CD7  Ed Perlmutter  west suburban Denver  202-225-2645   303-274-7944

Candlelight Vigil – Friday

You are also invited to a candlelight vigil for Las Vegas victims hosted by Indivisible Denver.  Speakers include state Sen. Rhonda Fields and Ceasefire’s Tom Mauser. Friday, October 6 from 6:30-7:30, outside Rep. Coffman’s office, 3300 S. Parker Road, Aurora. (Rep. Coffman, whose district contains the Aurora Theater, has an A+ rating from the NRA).

AND…watch your emails for notice of an upcoming Press Conference and Call to Action (details are still being worked out).


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