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A bill that would remove decades-old restrictions on gun silencers has passed a House committee and is expected to be voted on in the House by month’s end.
Both Reps. Lamborn and Tipton voted for the measure in Committee (Shame on them!). They – and all Colorado representatives –need to hear from you in opposition to the bill.  We’ve provided phone numbers and talking points below OR you can click on the Take Action button to send an email (which you can alter) directly to your rep.

The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE – H.R. 3668) Act is a broad-reaching measure that contains many provisions, largely aimed at loosening federal gun laws.

Since 1934, in order to obtain a silencer, one must obtain approval of local law enforcement, pass a fingerprint background check and pay a one-time tax.  The ATF maintains a list of silencers and their owners.   Silencers muffle the sound of a gunshot, making it difficult for people to realize a shooting is occurring or discern the location of the shooter.  They also decrease the effectiveness of Shotspotter systems, such as the one employed by the Denver Police Department.

By eliminating the thorough background check, it will be easier for criminals and domestic violence abusers to readily obtain silencers at gun shows and private sales, and by destroying the current register of silencers, Congress is removing an important crime fighting tool.

Ironically, the original hearing for SHARE ct concepts had to be postponed because of the sniper attack at the Republican Congressional baseball practice.  Participants and bystanders knew to take cover there because they heard the shots.  If the shooter had used a silencer, the police may not have been able to ascertain his location and the casualty count would have likely been much higher.

Please call today.  Thank you! 

Talking Points

I am ___________________ and I live in __________.  
I ask that my representative vote against SHARE – H.R. 3668.  This bill would make it easier for criminals to obtain silencers, and put bystanders and police at risk.  Since 1934, silencers have been strongly regulated and their ownership tracked, important tools for law enforcement.  This bill must be stopped in the House.

CD1  Diana DeGette   (Denver)    202-225-4431   303-844-4988

CD2  Jared Polis (Boulder)   202-225-2161   303-484-9596

CD3  Scott Tipton   (W. and S. Colorado) 202-225-4761   970-241-2499

CD4  Ken Buck  NE Colorado   202-225-4676   720-639-9165

CD5  Doug Lamborn Colorado Springs   202-225-4422   719-520-0055

CD6  Mike Coffman east suburban Denver  202-225-7882   720-748-7514

CD7  Ed Perlmutter  west suburban Denver  202-225-2645   303-274-7944

Never called Congress before?  It’s easy!  In many cases, you will leave your message with a staffer or on a machine.  Calls from Reps. Coffman, Tipton, Lamborn and Buck’s districts are especially important at this time.

Colorado Ceasefire, an all volunteer organization, is grateful for your support.
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