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Press Conference and Hearing at Capitol

Join the Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence, of which Ceasefire is a member, at a press conference on Wednesday, March 22nd at 12:15 in basement room 0112 in the Colorado State Capitol.

Immediately following (1:30 in Room 271) , the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee will consider the following bills.   You are invited to stay for the hearing, to listen and/or to give testimony.  Ceasefire opposes ALL of these bills.

SB17-005   Handgun Training for School Employees
SB17-006   CCW permits for military under 21
SB17-007   Repeal the ban on High Capacity Magazines

Please call the following Committee members and encourage them to vote NO on each of these bills.
For more information on the bills, click here.

Sample Script:
Representative _____,   I am ________ from _________, and I am contacting you to encourage you
to vote NO on Senate Bills 5, 6 and 7, which will be considered before State Affairs.    Each of these
bills make firearms and devices either more powerful or more present in our communities.   I find the thought of guns in our schools as highly dangerous to our children, and see no need to expand concealed carry to underage
individuals, even if they are in the military.    

Committee Members:
Mike Foote, Chair    303-866-2920  
Susan Lontine, Vice-Chair   303-866-2966
Adrienne Benavidez         303-866-2964
Edie Hooton   303-866-2915 
Stephen Humphrey   303-866-2943
Tim Leonard   303-866-2582 
Jovan Melton   303-866-2919
Mike Weissman   303-866-2942
Dave Williams   303-866-5525

Talk at CU Boulder:  Gun Control:  Contrasting Views

The Center for Western Civilization, Thought and Policy is hosting a dialogue with Lester H. Hunt and David DeGrazia, co-authors of the 2016 book Debating Gun Control, who will present their sharply contrasting views on this subject.  Questions will be taken from the audience.
Thursday, March 16th at 7 p.m.  in Hale 270
Registration is required to save a seat (free):

Help Mentally Incompetent Veterans Get Guns Act of 2017

Okay.  It’s really called the “Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act” (H.R. 1181, David Roe, TN),  and it is moving with breakneck speed through Congress.  It was just introduced in mid-February, marked up last week with no hearing and  no testimony, and a House vote is expected this Wednesday (3/15) afternoon.

Every day in the U.S., about 20 veterans commit suicide.  While veterans comprise 9% of the civilian population, they  account for 18% of the suicides.   The majority of those suicides are accomplished with firearms.    Yet, H.R. 1181 would remove the prohibition on gun purchases for those adjudicated as mentally incompetent by the Veterans Administration. There are currently over 174,000 veterans who are so listed, including over 19,000 suffering from schizophrenia and over 15,000 with severe PTSD.

Please call your congressional representative and urge him or her to vote NO on H.R. 1181.  (Unsure who your representative is? Access with your 9-digit zip.)

Sample Script:  Representative  ___________, I am ___________ from __________ and I am calling to urge you to vote NO on H.R. 1181, which would remove  mentally incompetent veterans  from the list of prohibited gun buyers.  With veteran suicide a serious concern of the military, arming soldiers who have served our country, but who are now suffering serious mental problems, is not supporting them, it is  endangering them, their loved ones, and others.

CD1 Diana DeGette   (Denver)   202-225-4431    303-844-4988
CD2 Jared Polis   (Boulder)   202-225-2161   303-484-9596
CD3 Scott Tipton  (S. & W. Colorado)   202-225-4761   719-542-1073
CD4 Ken Buck (NE Colorado)  202-225-4676   720-639-9165
CD5 Doug Lamborn (CO Springs) 202-225-4422       719-520-0055
CD6 Mike Coffman (S & E.  metro Denver)   202-225-7882     720-283-9772
CD7 Ed Perlmutter (N. & W. metro Denver)   202-225-2645   303-274-7944

P. O. Box 7501, Denver, Colorado 80207-0501     303-380-6711 

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