Colorado Senate soon to vote on bill that will save lives.

Don’t let this bill die in the Senate like it did last year!

Extreme Risk Bill – Senate Hearing

The Extreme Risk bill (HB19-1177) is scheduled for a senate hearing:

Want to do something about gun violence beyond thoughts and prayers? Make 4 phone calls to state senators, and help pass HB 1177.

The Senate is expected to vote within days on HB 1177, which would reduce gun violence in our state.

HB 1177 would allow law enforcement or desperate family members to go to court to temporarily suspend gun ownership from someone who is a danger to themselves or others. Please make these four simple phone calls

Senators are hearing plenty from the gun lobby. They need to hear from those of us who support common sense gun laws too. Don’t let this bill die in the Senate like it did last year.

Please call your senator, and the three Senate leaders listed below, in support of HB 1177.
You can look up your senator here, by scrolling down to the search box and typing in your address.

Please also call Senate Leadership

Leroy Garcia, Senate President 303-866-4878
Stephen Fenberg, Majority Leader 303-866-4872
Chris Holberg, Minority Leader 303-866-4881

Join us for your last opportunity to give public testimony in support of this life-saving measure. ACTION:  Please contact each of the above senators and encourage them vote YES on HB19-1177.

Suggested script:  Senator    ________.  I ask you to vote FOR HB1177, the Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill.  This measure WILL save lives by temporarily separating dangerous individuals from  firearms.  Help protect families and communities by supporting this necessary and CONSTITUTIONAL measure, which has been proven to work in other states. 

An Extreme Risk law  would enable families and law enforcement to seek court orders to suspend firearms access to those who are dangerous to self or others.  It passed the House on 3rd reading on Monday, March 4th by a vote of 38-25.  All Republicans voted no, along with Democrats Donald Valdez and Bri Buentello.  Valdez’s vote was especially disappointing as he had voted for a similar measure last year and in a committee-of-the-whole vote the prior Friday evening.   The 3rd reading debate extended for several hours and had a number speeches that pulled on the heart strings.  For highlights, click here. The bill is named the Deputy Zackari Parrish, III, Violence Prevention Act in memory of theslain Douglas County deputy sheriff.

Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties
County Commissioners of at least ten, mostly rural, counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Counties” and stated that they will not enforce what they state is an unconstitutional law – Extreme Risk Protection Orders (which has yet to pass the senate).  They are wrong on several counts:

  1.  Similar laws have been found constitutional in two separate cases.
  2.  County commissioners are not the deciders of constitutionality in our American democratic republic.  The courts are.
  3.  Sheriffs who defy a court order could find themselves in contempt of court.

The worst issue is that these county commissioners are choosing to deny their constituents protections that would be afforded to all other residents of the state.  This is especially unfortunate as rural counties in Colorado suffer a suicide rate twice that of the nation as a whole, and mountain resort communities a rate three times the national one.  Extreme Risk laws have been proven to prevent suicides.

Recall Madness

They’re back!

Miffed that they lost the elections so badly and self-persuaded by repetition of their apparent mantra “Overreach, Overreach, Overreach,” House Republicans have begun an effort to recall two Democratic legislators:  Senator Jeff Bridges and Representative Meg Froelich, both from Greenwood Village/Englewood.  Reportedly, a recall of Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock, who has strongly supported the Extreme Risk bill, is in the works.

Representative Froelich is having activities the next two weekends to reach out to constituents in her district.   If you wish to help out, you can send an email to her volunteer coordinator:

You can also help out by donating to Rep. Froelich’s effort through her web page.  For more information on why these stymied Republicans are doing this, check out the Colorado Times Recorder article. 

“Gun Violence Prevention Conference 2019: Twenty Years from Columbine to Parkland.”

GVPedia, in partnership with Survivors Empowered and the Newtown Action Alliance, invites you to Denver, Colorado, April 5 – 7 for a national conference on gun violence prevention.

Register for the conference here.

Register now as conference space is limited.

Twenty years after the horrific massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, the United States is still suffering from preventable school shootings, domestic violence, urban violence, and suicide. The GVPedia Conference, set in the center of the country and at the heart of the gun violence prevention movement, is open to activists, survivors, students, and researchers who are working to end the senseless violence.

After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, gun violence prevention activists doubled down on their efforts and welcomed new activists, particularly students. At the GVPedia Conference, you will meet new and experienced advocates and hear about new as well as historic research on gun violence prevention.

“Our goal is to arm people with the correct facts and statistics and to discuss the best strategies to educate the public and legislators about gun violence prevention.”
— Devin Hughes, GVPedia Founder

The conference will cover topics including urban gun violence, police violence, and differing GVP strategies. Other important topics covered will be gun suicide, domestic gun violence, gun myths, new research, gun law implementation and enforcement, and a history of the gun violence prevention movement over the last 20 years.

A memorial will be held on Saturday night. We will honor all who have been lost to gun violence whether through mass shootings, suicide, domestic violence, law enforcement, urban violence, or unintentional shootings.

Speakers will share the rich history of the movement, advocates can explore old and new strategies, and researchers will explain the latest studies and data.

The conference is free but space is limited. Please join us by registering here.

For more information, please email

GVPedia Conference Schedule (Subject to Change)
April 5-7, 2019
Sheraton, Downtown Denver
1550 Court Pl, Denver, CO 80202

Graham On Extreme Risk Protection Order Legislation

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on introducing extreme risk protection order legislation with U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut).

“Our government encourages our citizens that if you ‘See something, Say something.’  We also need ‘Do something.’  Read more

On the Federal Level

Democrats took the reins in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday, January 3 and are immediately taking action on addressing gun violence.  This coming Tuesday, January 8th, on the 8th anniversary of the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Democrats will introduce a proposal for universal background checks.   Giffords will join Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Mike Thompson in introducing the bill.  Learn more here.

More than 4 million children endured lock downs last school year, a groundbreaking Washington Post analysis found. The experience left many traumatized.Read the story here.






‘The World Moves On And You Don’t.’
Parents Who Lost Children in School Shootings Find Comfort in a Group No One Wants to Join’  Read the Time article here.

(L-R) Pamela Wright, Melissa Willey, Andrew Pollack, Darshell Scott, Tom Masuer, Nicole_Hockley and Darrell Scott, the parents of children killed in school shootings in the USA, stand for a portrait at the Meredith Photo Studios in New York, USA on Aug. 31, 2018. Photo by Adam Ferguson for Time


Although Ceasefire is an all-volunteer organization, we do contract with a lobbyist to assist us in our advocacy at the capitol.  Because of the highly successful elections, we anticipate a number of proactive gun violence prevention proposals this coming session, including ERPO (red flag), which Ceasefire spearheaded this past year.  More bills translate into higher lobbying costs.  Your assistance in this is crucial to making Colorado safer.  You can donate to Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action by clicking here or by mailing your donation to Colorado Ceasefire Legislative



Armed and aging: A conversation about seniors, dementia and the right to bear arms…

University of Colorado Medical School study just released Monday find the number of adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia is steadily increasing, but questions around their access to firearms remain largely unaddressed. The study finds firearms are the most common method of suicide among people with dementia, but it explores other serious concerns with firearm possession and dementia. People with dementia can experience hallucinations, delusions, aggression and paranoia, and the study’s lead author, Dr. Emmy Betz with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, found many older adults have access to guns. these Dog 

We welcome your ideas, your participation, and your support! Postal Address: Colorado Ceasefire P.O. Box 7501 Denver, CO 80207

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