Brett Kavanuagh – A pro-gun rights pick for the Supreme Court

The nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to be on the U.S. Supreme Court is very bad news for those of us in the gun violence prevention movement.  Kavanaugh has an extreme view of the second amendment and has shown open hostility to gun violence prevention laws.   At a time when school shootings have students frightened of going to school, mass shootings have now claimed 58 victims in just a few minutes, and deaths due to guns on our streets, and in our homes and businesses are unacceptably high, we need a justice who gathers that the vision of the founding fathers was certainly not what is happening in our communities today.

Specifically, Kavanaugh:

  • Expressed a radical view in his Heller II dissent that there is an “absence of a role for judicial interest balancing or assessment of costs and benefits of gun regulations.”
  • Believes Assault Weapons cannot be banned.
  • Believes laws requiring registration of firearms are unconstitutional.
  • Does not believe in strong concealed carry permitting requirements.

With his radical views, current laws such as domestic violence restraining orders, large capacity magazine regulations, and “red flag” laws could be overturned because they lack historical support.   According to The Guardian, “Trump’s latest supreme court pick could be the swing vote needed to tear down some of the remaining restrictions on gun rights in America, including giving citizens a constitutional right to carry a gun in public.”

For an in-depth analysis of Kavanaugh’s positions on gun regulations, read the Giffords Memorandum.

ACTION: Contact Senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner to urge them to vote NO on Kavanaugh.
Bennet:  202-224-5852   303-455-7600      Gardner:  202-224-5941    303-391-5777
or  click here to send a message to both senators.

Court Ruling  – Hawaii

In other court news, a 3-judge panel of the 9th circuit U.S. Appeals Court ruled unconstitutional
Hawaii’s open carry restrictions.  Before we get worried about Denver’s open carry ban, this decision 1) does not apply to Colorado and 2) will be appealed to the full 9th circuit bench.

Downloadable 3D Printable Guns

Alarmingly, the Trump administration settled on a lawsuit to allow internet posting of blueprints for 3D printing of guns.  The lawsuit was brought by radical libertarian Cody Wilson, who along with an anarchist video manifesto declared that gun control would never be the same when anyone could download and print their own firearm.   Wilson created such a pistol in 2012, but was blocked by the U.S. State department.  Such 3D-printed guns in plastic would not be detectable by security screening devices at airports and elsewhere.  According to the New York Times, the settlement would allow designs for downloadable and untraceable guns to be available as early as August 1st.

Wilson is wasting no time, and now has a repository of firearm blueprints on his website – from pistols to AR15’s.  Homemade firearms could rip through all the laws enacted to keep guns away from those inappropriate to own them:  felons, minors, adjudicated mentally ill, domestic violence abusers.  It would also undermine the ERPO (red flag) laws enacted by a number of states (and fought for in Colorado).

Wilson has also been in the business of selling Ghost Gunner machines, which enable people to construct their own guns out of aluminum.

National gun safety groups Brady, Everytown and Giffords have joined together to sue in federal court, emphasizing the public safety and national security risks posed by the settlement, which is with an individual who is a self-proclaimed anarchist.     The Washington Post’s editorial from today indicates this court effort failed.

With schematics in hand and access to a 3D printer, a person can print their own firearm, with

  • No background check
  • No serial number, and therefore untraceable
  • No involvement of the  the licensed dealer system
  • All plastic components, completl undetectable by metal detectors, allowing these into airplanes and government buildings

The Attorney General of New Jersey has issued a Cease and Desist letter to Wilson in order to prevent New Jersey residents from accessing the downloadable file.  In his letter, the AG noted that Wilson had announced “I’m not worried about public safety.”

Additionally, senate and house bills to address this issue will be introduced soon.  Unfortunately, by the time Congress can act (molasses on a cold day in the Arctic), the cat’s out of the bag.

ACTION:  Please leave a comment with the State Department indicating that you are disturbed by the settlement with Defense Distributed (Cody Wilson) that will allow anyone to download plans for 3D-printed guns and that they should terminate this settlement immediately.
Email: ddtcresponseteam@state.gov or click here to send a message (which you can edit).

March on the NRA – This Saturday, August 4

Students Demand Action Colorado, March for Our Lives and Indivisible Colorado are joining in a
protest of the abominable effect the NRA and RMGO have had on our laws and public safety.  Ceasefire will be joining with them.    Several speakers from the community who have been touched by gun violence will share their stories.

Meet on the Colorado Capitol West Steps and march around the capitol.

Date:  Saturday, August 4, 2018
Time:  Noon
Place:  West Steps, Colorado State Capitol  200 E. Colfax, Denver
Bring:  Yourself.  Wear Ceasefire gear if you have it.  Optionally:  bring posters
RSVP: https://marchonthenraco.app.rsvpify.com       Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/246575076158750/

Herblock Cartoon

Colorado Election update

Colorado Ceasefire PAC has endorsed an additional two candidates:  Jared Polis for Governor and  Brenda Krause for House District 15.

Check out our general election endorsement list at www.ColoradoCeasefire.org  

Help us elect these people by sending a donation to: Colorado Ceasefire PAC, P.O. Box 7501, Denver, Colorado   80207.

Although Jared Polis wasn’t our number one pick in the gubernatorial race, he is far and away better than Walker Stapleton, who is committed to overturning the 2013 gun reform laws.   Now each of the major party candidates has selected a state (or former) legislator as his lieutenant governor running mate.

Jared Polis selected Dianne Primavera, who previously represented HD33 (Broomfield).  Primavera was endorsed by Ceasefire in all her campaigns and had a perfect Ceasefire voting record – voting for all the reform bills in 2013.

Walker Stapleton selected Laing Sias, who represents HD27 (Arvada).  Media reports have described Sias as a moderate, but that’s not how we see him.  He has earned a well-deserved “F” rating from Ceasefire.  Among his unfortunate votes and stances:

  • 2016 Co-Sponsored Bill (HB6-1204) to allow ANYONE to carry handguns into public K-12 schools
  • 2016 Primary sponsor of granting CCW permits to underage military (SB16-144 and SB17-006)
  • 2016 Voted NO on the suicide prevention bill (SB16-147)
  • 2017 C0-Sponsored Repeal of High Capacity Magazine Ban (HB17-1097)
  • 2017 and 2018 Co-Sponsored Permitless Concealed Carry (SB18-097and SB17-116)
  • 2018 Voted NO on Extreme Risk Protection Orders (Red flag – HB18-1436)

RMGO Election Sputter
The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) actually fared quite poorly in the primary elections.
As of the June 27th reporting, their donations and expenditures for the primary were over $14,500, but they donated to six candidates in Republican primaries.   Of those, they were successful in only one race, blocking Rep. Dan Thurlow’s attempt to unseat Sen. Ray Scott in Grand Junction.  Notably:

  • Frank Francone was edged out by Colin Larson for Rebublican nominee for the open seat in HD22 (Littleton)
  • Diane Holbert (wife of state Sen. Chris Holbert) lost in her effort to stay as Douglas County Commissioner
  • Chad Day, sheriff of Yuma County and head of the Colorado County Sheriff’s Association, lost his re-election bid.  Sheriff Day is memorable to us for his stating in testimony several years ago that we need high capacity magazines to protect ourselves from our own government.  Voters were likely upset with Day’s deputizing wealthy out-of-staters who donated to the department and then were able to carry concealed firearms anywhere.

So why is this election sputtering so important?  During the lobbying effort to get the red flag bill introduced his year, Republican legislators confessed political concerns of crossing the RMGO.   Yes, back in 2012, RMGO was quite aggessive and successful in its Republican electioneering, but fared poorly in 2014, 2016 and even more so this year.  As we head into the 2019 legislative session, Republican legislators should be reminded that their fears of the RMGO are overblown.  Its bark belies a somewhat defanged creature.

FBI Report on Mass Shooters
A newly-released FBI study of 63 mass shooters over a 13-year period indicates that

  • The majority used legally purchased firearms
  • Had a history with the site they attack
  • Do not have a long history of mental health issues
  • Many engage in behaviors that may indicate impending violence

The study examined six major stressors:  mental health issues, financial problems, marital problems, drug abuse, family conflicts, and conflicts at school.  Click here to read the full report:

Mass Shootings Continue Unabated
In mid-May, a student used a handgun and shotgun to shoot and kill 8 classmates and 2 teachers at his high school in Santa Fe, Texas.  The weapons belonged to his father, who clearly was negligent in storing his firearms.  Now that schools are out for the summer, school shootings aren’t a daily concern, but that doesn’t mean that disgruntled individuals will discontinue their shooting rampages against fellow workers or fellow citizens.  Last week, a gunman blasted his way into the office of The Capital, an Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper.  Five journalists and support staff were killed.  Mike Littwin, of the Colorado Independent, wrote this moving tribute to his friend and colleague who was killed in the “endlessly tragic news cycle that America has refused to address.”     A contract reporter at The Capital shared her story of hiding out during the siege while her colleagues were fatally shot and wonders when America will act.

Note to elected officials:  Regardless of what your gun lobby funders say, IT IS ABOUT THE GUNS! 

Channel 7 News, Round table finds greatly differing opinions on role of guns in increasing school safety. 

DENVER – While it never really went away, after the second school shooting in two weeks, the issue of school safety and guns in school is back in the political spotlight.
Marnie Kamensky, President of Colorado Ceasefire Outreach, was at the table.

“I think a huge misconception is that we want to take away people’s guns and that’s not it at all,” Madison Rose with Never Again Colorado told Anne Trujillo on this weekend’s Politics Unplugged. “We want to find some kind of balance. Something within the gun reform debate that we can use and work on to help ensure the safety of our children in schools.”

Armed and aging: A conversation about seniors, dementia and the right to bear arms…

University of Colorado Medical School study just released Monday find the number of adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia is steadily increasing, but questions around their access to firearms remain largely unaddressed. The study finds firearms are the most common method of suicide among people with dementia, but it explores other serious concerns with firearm possession and dementia. People with dementia can experience hallucinations, delusions, aggression and paranoia, and the study’s lead author, Dr. Emmy Betz with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, found many older adults have access to guns.


Texas State Teachers Association and National Education Association Presidents react to Santa Fe, TX school shooting. 

Mass Shooting and other Traumatic Events: How to Talk to Students

During these Dog Days of Summer….
The hot weather days between early July and early September are called Dog Days because the star Sirius (also called Canicula), which represents the hound of the Hunter Orion, makes its first visible rising during the summer.  The days are also called “canicular” from  canine.

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