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2018 Governor candidates and stances on Gun Laws
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Concealed Carry Reciprocity passes U.S. House

On Wednesday, December 6th, the United States House of Representatives approved the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (H.R. 38) by a vote of 231 – 198.  Ceasefire vehemently opposed this proposal for Guns Anywhere.  We are grateful to you for your notes and calls to legislators in opposition to this bill.

Votes of the Colorado Delegation:

  • Voting in support of the bill were Republicans Mike Coffman, Doug Lamborn and Scott Tipton.  Mike Coffman’s district contains the Aurora Theater, where 12 were shot and killed in 2012, nevertheless he continues to be a strong NRA loyalist.
  • Voting against the bill were Democrats Diane DeGette, Ed Perlmutter, and Jared Polis, and Republican Ken Buck.  Think it was a good sign that Buck voted no?  Think again.  Ken Buck, apparently following the lead of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and National Association of Gun Rights (both led by the infamous Dudley Brown), voted against the bill because it had been amended with a Fix NICS provision.

Fix NICS amendment:  With the Sutherland Springs,Texas shooting, we learned that the Defense Department was not updating the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) with criminal information.  The Fix NICS amendment addressed that, but Buck stated it violated “due process.”  By that, we would have to believe that Ken Buck disagrees with background checks entirely, placing him in the company of small number of rather paranoid folks. Well over 90% of Americans support universal background checks.

Please call Representatives DeGette, Perlmutter, and Polis and thank them for voting no on H.R. 38.
Diana DeGette 202-225-4431   303-844-4988
Jared Polis   202-225-2161   303-484-9596
Ed Perlmutter 202-225-2645   303-274-7944

Where from here? 
The bill heads to the senate.  Generally, it is believed that the bill will not come up for a vote until next year.  Because of the filibuster rule in the senate, the bill must receive at least 60 votes. This offers the best opportunity for defeating this wretched proposal.  As soon as Doug Jones (D-AL) is seated, the division will be 51 Republicans to 49 Democrats.  For passage, all R’s must vote for the bill, as well as 9 Democrats.
Please call Colorado’s senators to encourage them to vote NO on Concealed Carry Reciprocity.
Michael Bennett         202-224-5852    303-455-7600
Cory Gardner            202-224-5941    303-391-5777  (loyalist to NRA and other gun rights groups)

Additional senators it is crucial to contact:
* Susan Collins  (Maine) 202-224-2523
* Dean Heller  (Nevada)  202-224-6244
* Rob Portman (Ohio)  202-224-3353
* Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) 202-224-4254

* Joe Donnelly (Indiana)   202-224-4814
* John Tester (Montana)  202-224-2644
* Tom Udall (New Mexico) 202-224-6621
* Martin Henrich  (New Mexico) 202-224-5521
* Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota) 202-224-2043
* Mark Warner  (Virginia)  202-224- 2023  (Has indicated he is a “no”.  Please thank him.)
* Joe Manchin (West Virginia) 202-224-3954
and when he is seated, Doug Jones, senator-elect of Alabama.

*voted for a 2013 CCR amendment, which failed by a 57-43 vote.
Review:  What H.R. 38 would do if it became law?

  • Allow anyone with a CCW (concealed carry) permit or a resident of a permitless state to carry a hidden handgun anywhere in any state in the country.  No background check, no training, no problem!  A number of states have very tight rules on CCW permits.  These would be totally overridden. See a commentary on Illinois effects here. 
  • Allow people denied in Colorado to go to one of the states that does not require residency to obtain a permit.
  • Allow people to carry their guns into K-12 schools (Thankfully, Colorado prohibits this, but Sen. Neville and others have endeavored to remove this prohibition for the last 4 years.).
  • Allow people to sue law enforcement officers who incorrectly detain or arrest people on carrying concealed.

Alabama Special Election

On Tuesday, Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in a hotly contested election in the reddest of red states.  Moore had a lot to overcome with his record in opposition to gay rights, his appalling statements on racial issues, and multiple credible allegations of sexual molestation of teenage girls.  Nevertheless, the vote was close.

According to CNN, Jones’ stand on guns is unknown.  He indicated that he is a “Second Amendment guy,” but said there are “limitations on all constitutional amendments in one form or another.”  In an interview with MSNBC, he does support expanded background checks.  On the other hand, Roy Moore had an A rating from the NRA.

Another change:  Minnesota’s Governor Mark Dayton named the state’s Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith to replace Al Franken, who is resigning.  Dayton, Franken and Smith are all Democrats.   We don’t really know Smith’s stances on gun violence prevention, except the state Republican Party referred to her as “far left on the issues.”

Sandy Hook Remembrance:  Honor with Action

Tuesday evening CFCU (Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence) and Colorado Ceasefire gathered to Honor with Action victims of gun violence on the eve of the 5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Massacre.  Plenty of motorists greeted the “End Gun Violence” and other signs with approving honks.  Thank you to all who came out! The CFCU leader of this event was interviewed by Channel 4.   

Pardon our teensy-weensy bit of Schadenfreude*

Colorado state representative Lori Saine (R-Erie) was arrested last week taking a 9-mm loaded pistol through security at Denver International Airport.  According to the Boulder Daily Camera, she refused to cooperate with police and hence spent the night in the Denver jail.  This Thursday, the Boulder District Attorney’s office (Denver DA Beth McCann had recused herself as she had worked with Saine at the capitol) dropped charges against Saine.  The Boulder DA’s office indicated they couldn’t prove that Saine knowingly intended to take the handgun on the flight.  The representative pled that she forgot the gun was in her purse, but clearly demonstrated her irresponsibility as a gun owner.

Rep. Saine has been one of the most fervent pro-gun rights legislators (Ceasefire grade of F), and for the last two years has sponsored bills to repeal the high capacity magazine ban, contending that one should not be asking the government for permission for self-defense.  We, the citizens of Colorado, thank the government for illustrating that Lori Saine is by no means a responsible gun owner.  The Denver Post stated she needs a concealed carry refresher course.   Just how many signs are there at the airport telling you can’t take guns on the airplane?  Just what in heck are you standing in the long security line for?  To check that your toothpaste container is too big?

*Schadenfreude  – enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others (From German Shaden (damage) + Freude (joy)).

CU Student Expresses Angst at Concealed Carry on Campus

Serena Roberts, a junior at the University of Colorado, expressed her concerns with concealed carry on campus with an excellently written and researched article in the college newspaper.
With the passage of Colorado’s CCW law in 2003, universities believed they could regulate guns on their campuses.  In 2012 Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled that they could not.  HB13-1226 attempted to allow universities to ban concealed carry, but that bill failed in the senate.

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