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2018 Governor candidates and stances on Gun Laws
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We Remember – Honor with Action

Five years ago this Thursday, a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and shot and killed twenty first-graders and six educators.   Twenty-six families continue to grieve for their lost loved ones, while Congress turned its back on the problem indicating that nothing could be done to prevent gun violence (we could and have given them more than a few suggestions).

On Wednesday, December 13th, we are joining with the Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence in remembering the Sandy Hook victims and all victims of gun violence by “Honoring with Action.”

CFCU will hold a Vigil and Action event at the intersection of Hampden and Colorado Blvd. from 4:15  to 5:30 p.m.

Ceasefire will hold an Action event at the intersection of Wadsworth and W. Colfax Ave from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.   Join us at the NE corner of that intersection (in front of the former bank).

For both events, bring a flashlight and wear light-colored clothing (safety), but dressed for the weather.  Signs will be provided.

Remembering the Families of those lost to Gun Violence

Another way to remember the victims of gun violence is to set an empty place at the table for dinner on December 14th  … as a reminder of the empty space at the table for too many American families devastated by gun violence.  A suggested prayer follow

A Prayer of Remembrance

Creator God, as we settle in to nourish our bodies and engage
in reflections with family and friends, we are mindful of those
gun violence victims who are no longer doing likewise with
their own family and friends.

For those loved ones, there is an empty space at their table
every day that will never be filled,
Smiles that will never again warm their hearts,
Stories that will never again be related,
and arms that will never again share an embrace.

For the one lost to gun violence, there are
Dreams never to be fulfilled:
Sports, music, art, graduation, love, career, adventures,
children, grandchildren, or the reveling in all the delights
this world has to offer.

Grant us wisdom to discern the most effective means to ending this epidemic.
Grant us courage to proceed against strong political winds to effect changes
that will save lives.

And on this day, as every day, we ask for comfort for those whose lives have
been upended by gun violence.

Take Action

Sample message:   After our nation and state have endured so much gun violence, we do not need to loosen our gun laws to make guns more present and accessible in our public places.  Please vote against H.R. 38, which will be considered by the House Judiciary committee this week, and the House floor perhaps soon thereafter.

Remembrance of Sandy Hook  – December 13th event    
Five years ago this December 14th, a disturbed young man (Doesn’t this sound too familiar?) entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and killed 20 first graders and 6 educators.  Since then, our Congress has done NOTHING to quell the toll of gun violence.  Across the nation, there will be hundreds of remembrance events.  Colorado Ceasefire is working with CFCU (Colorado Faith Communities to End Gun Violence) to hold “Honor with Action” events on December 13th.

CFCU will hold a short vigil and sign-waving at the crossroads of Hampden Ave. and Colorado Blvd. from 4:15 – 5:30 pm.

Ceasefire will have a sign-waving event at Wadsworth and Colfax Ave. from 4:30-5:30 p.m.   We’ll  provide signs, so an RSVP would be helpful:  (please give name and number in party).  Bring a flashlight and dress accordingly (expect it won’t be Monday’s record November high of 81 deg.).

Gun Violence Survivors Faced with New Incidents

Tom Mauser (Colorado Ceasefire spokesperson), whose son was shot and killed at Columbine and Jane Dougherty, whose sister was murdered at Sandy Hook, talked with national NPR about the reignition of pain with each mass shooting event.

Ghost-Guns – Evading Laws

In our last email, we noted that several assault weapons used in the Rancho Tehama mass shooting were manufactured by the shooter.  Several followers provided more information on this, noting that there are manufacturers who supply all the parts to assist people in making untraceable guns and break tough state gun laws.

Kind of reminds us of Colorado Senator John Cooke (R-Greeley), who stated from the well of the Senate that “what I tell my people is to go to Wyoming,”  (i.e., what I tell my people is to break Colorado’s law that bans high capacity magazines).

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Assault Weapons/Open Carry Appeals

On Monday, without comment, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear two appeals by gun rights advocates, thereby leaving intact a ruling that upheld Maryland’s assault weapons ban, and it refused to require that Florida let handguns be openly carried in public.

Another story of Too Many Guns Being Carried

The Washington Post reported that at a pre-Thanksgiving luncheon at a church in Tennessee a discussion about guns in churches was followed by a shooting.   During the discussion, an 81-year old man pulled out his handgun to show he was armed.  Later, another guest asked to see the gun.  When the parishioner pulled it out, he accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting and injuring himself and his wife.

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