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ACTION ALERT:  Federally Mandated Concealed Carry – H.R. 38

Word is that the U.S. House of Representatives may bring H.R. 38 up for a vote in the coming weeks. This bill would require every state to allow anyone with a concealed carry (CCW) permit or who comes from a permitless state to carry in any other state.  We are HIGHLY OPPOSED to H.R. 38 and urge you to call your Congressional Representative now to urge him or her to vote NO.

Reasons why this is a dangerous proposal for Colorado:

  • Would allow any person legal to possess firearms from any of twelve permitless states (including bordering states of Wyoming, Arizona and Kansas) to carry concealed in Colorado.  The Colorado General Assembly has rejected permitless CCW proposals 10 times.
  • Would allow people to carry concealed in Colorado whose states have lower standards than ours:  no sheriff’s discretion, no training, sloppy background checks, lower age requirements, etc.
  • Would allow such permitted persons to take their guns into K-12 schools (Colorado law would still supersede this, but 7 bills have been introduced in the last 5 years to undo Colorado’s prohibition on guns in schools).
  • Would allow persons denied in Colorado to go to a bordering state, such as Utah,  that permits non-residents and obtain a permit.
  • Would allow those arrested or detained for firearms possession to sue law enforcement and politcal jurisdictions.
  • Would allow domestic violence abusers to stalk their intimate partners across state lines with guns.
  • Would violate the10th amendment.  It is a state’s rights issue:  Colorado should have the RIGHT to ensure public safety in the manner which is appropriate for its communities

Suggested script:  I am ______ and live in ______.  I am calling to urge you to oppose H.R. 38, which would force Colorado to allow people from other states to carry concealed weapons in Colorado even if they don’tt meet the standards that we require for Colorado citizens.  Not only is this proposal a violation of the 10th amendment to the constitution, it would make all of us in Colorado less safe.  

CD1 Diana DeGette   202-225-4431     303-844-4988
CD2 Jared Polis    202-225-2161    303-484-9596
CD3 Scott Tipton   202-225-4761   970-241-2499
CD4 Ken Buck   202-225-4676   720-639-9165
CD5 Doug Lamborn   202-225-4422   719-520-0055
CD6 Mike Coffman   202-225-7882   720-748-7514
CD7 Ed Perlmutter   202-225-2645   303-274-7944
Unsure of your representative?  click here
Note:  Tipton, Buck, and Lamborn have already signed on as co-sponsors, but a call would let them know of your unhappiness.


Just Another “Good Guy with a Gun”?
Garrett Coughlin, 24, who was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of murdering 3 people in a Coal Creek Canyon home, had posted on Facebook  in December of 2015 “Guns save lives!  Properly trained and always carrying!”   Reports don’t indicate whether Coughlin had a CCW permit, but from his posting, it seems likely.

Trump appointment of David Clarke
Donald Trump has appointed Sheriff David Clarke from Milwaukee to a senior position in the Department of Homeland Security.  Clarke has been a fervent gun rights supporter and has even served as a spokesperson for the NRA.  The New York Times recounts his extreme views and record.

Student Body Armor

Cocks Not Glocks, an edgy group in Texas, released a satirical advertisement promoting the newest campus wear.  You will note that, unfortunately, Colorado is one of the states that allows students to carry concealed on campus.  Georgia joined that list earlier this month, when Governor Nathan Deal ignored his constituents in signing a campus carry bill.  The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence reported that he received nearly 15,000 communications begging him to veto the bill, and only 145 for signing it.

Legislators: Lori Saine and Vicki Marble

The town of Firestone is in the legislative districts of the two most fervently dedicated pro-gun rights female legislators at the capitol:  Representative Lori Saine and Senator Vicki Marble.  Not only have they consistently displayed their allegiance to the gun lobby, but now their fealty to the oil and gas industry.  After an Anadarko flowline caused an explosion of a Firestone home that took the lives of 2 people, Saine slammed a bill to require oil and gas operators to disclose pipe locations as a “knee jerk reaction.”  Perhaps their constituents will provide a different perspective in a set of “summer energy summits” they will be holding.

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