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2018 Governor candidates and stances on Gun Laws
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Lobby Day – January 25th

Ceasefire is joining with CFCU (Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence) for an advocacy training session.  Former state Senator Linda Newell will share a brief film she made called “The Last Bill, a Senator’s Story” and then answer questions about the legislative process.  We’ll also provide information about current bills at the legislature and give talking points before you walk over to the Capitol to meet with your own legislators or staff and share your perspectives.

We can help you look up your districts and introduce you to others with the same representatives and senators.
Location:  St. Paul’s Luther and Roman Catholic Church – 16th and Grant (2 blocks north of the capitol)
Date:  Thursday, January 25th
Time:  Program:  10:00 a.m. to noon     After eating, head over to the capitol.
Lunch:   Bring your own lunch.  CFCU will provide cookies and drinks.
Transportation and Parking:  Highly recommend taking public transportation.   There are parking meters for street parking, but they usually have a maximum of 2 hours (you’ll need to replenish the meter).  Parking lots are available, but they tend to be expensive, so carpooling is in order.

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend the meeting, so we can have enough food and materials.  

Denver City Council  – Bump Stock Ban
On Tuesday, January 16th the Denver city council voted unanimously (13-0) to ban bump stocks in a 2nd reading vote.  The final vote will be taken on Monday, January 22nd.

This ban is part of updating Denver’s Assault Weapons Ban, which has been in place for nearly 30 years. It is sponsored by Council Member Rafael Espinoza.  The ordinance update also changes the high capacity  magazine limit to 15 rounds to conform with state law.  Council Member Kevin Flynn is considering an amendment to grandfather magazines that are from 16-20 rounds.  On Tuesdayevening, Espinoza noted the cost of a magazine is on the order of $10-$15.  Ceasefire opposes Flynn’s amendment.

If you are a Denver resident, please contact your city council members and encourage them to support the Bump Stock Ban ordinance change and to oppose any amendment that grandfathers high capacity magazines.

Unsure of your council member?  Check here.  At-large members represent everyone in Denver.

At-large:  Robin Kniech   720-337-7712
At-large:  Debbie Ortega   720-337-7713
District 1:  Rafael Espinoza     720-337-7701
District 2:  Kevin Flynn   720-337-2222
District 3:  Paul Lopez    720-337-3333
District 4:  Kendra Black   720-337-4444
District 5:  Mary Beth Susman   720-337-5555
District 6:  Paul Kashmann   720-337-6666
District 7:  Jolon Clark   720-337-7777
District 8:  Christopher Herndon   720-337-8888
District 9:  Albus Brooks   720-337-7709
District 10:  Wayne New   720-337-7710
District 11:  Stacie Gilmore   720-337-7711

Colorado Legislature:  Bills  Introduced

One proactive bill has been introduced this year:

  • SB18-051 Ban on Multi-Burst Firearms Devices (Bump Stocks)    Sponsored by Sen. Merrifield.

One bipartisan bill to address the increased rate of firearms thefts:

  • HB18-1077  Increased Penalties for Stolen Firearms    Sponsored by Reps. Valdez and Liston.

The usual assortment of bad bills to loosen gun laws has made its perennial appearance.

  • HB18-1015 and SB18-052 Repeal Magazine Ban   Sponsored by Reps. Saine and Humphrey and Sen. Hill.  This is the 5th consecutive year for this bill.
  • HB18-1037 Guns in Schools   Sponsored by Rep. Neville and Sen. Neville.  Sixth consecutive year.
  • HB19-1074 Stand Your Ground at Business site   Sponsored by Rep. Everett and Sen. Marble.13th consecutive year.

Hearings have yet to be scheduled.  We expect a few more bad bills to be introduced.

FBI Investigating Possibility of Russian Money given to NRA for Campaigning

Foreign donations to U.S. political campaigns are illegal, but since Citizen’s United, there are ways to fund campaigns where donor information is hidden.  McClatchy News reports that the FBI is investigating whether Russian monies were given to the NRA for campaigning for Donald Trump.


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