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Columbine High School Massacre

Eighteen years ago today, two students at Columbine High School entered their school and shot and killed 12 fellow students, a teacher and injured another 21.  The assailants then took their own lives. Colorado and the world were shocked at the carnage.  Among those killed was Daniel Mauser, whose father Tom has continued since then on his mission of making people’s lives safer from gun violence.

Tom asks that today you do two things:  
1)    A random act of kindness
2)    An email to the NRA through their Colorado lobbyist  Travis Lovelady at  (see details below)

Three of the four guns used in the shooting originated at the Tanner Gun Show, which led to Colorado’s Closing the Gun Show Loophole by citizen’s initiative after the 2000 legislature failed to act. Tom worked with SAFE Colorado as a spokesperson for that effort.  Colorado expanded background checks to all transfers of firearms in 2013 after the Aurora Theater Shooting.  Tom worked intensively on that law also.

Details on Request from Tom Mauser 

Friends April 20th marks the 18th anniversary of the Columbine tragedy, where my son Daniel was killed. As a remembrance, I’d like to ask that you do two things: a random act of kindness, and an email to the NRA.
Let me explain the reason for the latter: less than a month after Columbine, I wrote a letter to the NRA. Later that year, I made three calls to NRA HQs, asking whether I could expect a response. Each time I was told I could, but I got none.
In March, 2000, I personally met the NRA’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre. We both participated in a Denver events promoting tougher gun law enforcement (common ground!). I handed him the letter and a note requesting a response. He never responded.
In 2001, while in D.C. I went to NRA HQ. I did so again in 2005. In both cases I marched in their parking lot (see attached photos) carrying a sign with Daniel’s photo. In both cases the NRA refused to speak with me and instead had me arrested for trespassing.
The NRA has never even shown the decency to simply send a note acknowledging receipt of my letters, let alone a response or word of condolence. It was as if I didn’t exist. It’s a compassionless, insulated, soulless organization afraid to face the consequences of its lobbying.
On Feb. 8th, after State legislative hearings on three terrible gun bills, I approached an NRA lobbyist named Travis. He’s new, so I briefly told him my letter story and asked if he would find out why the NRA never responded. He said he’d try. He’s been unresponsive. Since he’s my only contact at this point, I’d like to flood him with emails from fed up Americans. He’s at .
Don’t waste time with a long email message, since it’s very unlikely he’ll read it or respond anyway. And please keep it civil—strong but not nasty, as incivility would not honor Daniel. Let’s not be like the nasty pro-gun activists. Thanks! Tom


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