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Most surprising events of the evening were the votes of Rep. Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction), who voted against four of the bills.  Clearly, Rep. Thurlow was following common sense and voting his conscience, not his party line.  There have been rumors of a possible recall attempt on Rep. Thurlow for bucking his party on several previous bills.   A BIG thank you is in order, a personal note would be best. 

Rep. Daniel Thurlow  

Colorado State Capitol
200 East Colfax Ave.              
Denver, Colorado   80203

SB15-086 Repeal 2013 Background Checks and Fees    Defeated 4-7

HB15-1168 Guns in School   Defeated 4-7

SB15-175 Repeal of Ban on High Capacity Magazines  Defeated 5-6

HB15-1138  Waive background check with CCW permit  Defeated 5-6

SB15-032 Permitless Concealed Carry  Defeated 4-7

HB15-1152 Permitless Concealed Carry  Defeated 4-7

A huge thank you to each of you who contacted Rep. Salazar over his wavering on the magazine ban.  He reported that he was being innundated with calls and emails. Right on!

Overall Tidbits (SHORT SUMMARY)

  • On almost all (if not all) bills, opponents outnumbered the proponents. 
  • Ceasefire spoke against every bill, with multiple speakers on some.  The Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence (CFCU) spoke against most of the bills, as did the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  Moms Demand Action had a number of people giving testimony against the background checks repeal and the guns in schools bill.
  • Robert Edmiston of the Colorado Firearms Coalition gave his usual droning testimony ad nauseum.
  • James Winchester of the Colorado States Shooting Association took up a huge amount of time lecturing the committee on his interpretation of the Colorado Constitution.
  • The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners encouraged people using their Facebook page to contact their legislators by offering a raffle of a $2100 rifle.   Democracy in Action?!

SB15-086 (Repeal Background Checks)

  • Jane Dougherty, whose sister was shot and killed in Newtown, noted gun enthusiasts say the background checks are a burden, but countered with the burdens on families who lose loved ones.  "It is a right to life.  A right to grow old supersedes anyone’s right to a gun."  She noted no one will die from a background check. 
  • Cliff Anderson of the RMGO couldn’t get his facts straight on votes on the bill in the Senate, and immediately thereafter stated he didn’t believe the CBI data (Rep. Lontine called him out on this).
  • Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was killed at Columbine, noted the repeal would go against public opinion.  He reminded the committee that Colorado voters closed the gun show loophole by a 70% vote.
  • Rep. Humphrey indicated that having guns is a God-given right.
  • Dave Hoover, who lost his nephew Alex in the Aurora theater, walked though how he had used the new background system to sell a firearm.

HB1168 (Guns in School with CCW permit)

  • Rita Marquez from Pueblo spoke against the bill as a retired teacher, and noted that her coffee group of Republican and Democratic retired teachers emphatically agreed with her.
  • Tom Muerkle (spelling?) from Mesa spoke in support of the bill as a “natural man.” What is that?  In response to his advocating for the arming of teachers to protect his children, Rep. Primavera asked him how, when she can’t even find her own cell phone when it is ringing.
  • Jane Dougherty referred to the desires of many gun enthusiasts as fantasies of being the hero, and how they felt her sister in Newtown should have been armed to be the superhero.
  • Myra Isenhart and Michael McGuire spoke of being volunteers at public schools. Students they worked with indicated this whole idea was scary. 
  • Josie Brady, Jane Stewart and Julian Kerry of Colorado Ceasefire Youth gave statistics and shared responses to a survey they conducted of 330 students.  79% of the students indicated that they would not feel safe at school if any CCW permittees could bring their hidden guns in schools. Jane noted that children are 4 times  more likely to die from gun violence in US than in Canada, and 65 times more like than in UK.   Julian noted that, as an African American, the statistics on gun violence are scary.  He stated their survey showed that 2/3 of students knew someone affected by gun violence. Rep. Primavera received a text from a constituent saying the students were the most articulate speakers the entire afternoon.
  • Rep. Yeulin Willett indicated he was uncomfortable with the bill as too broad, but voted for it anyway.

HB175 (Repeal High Capacity Magazine Ban)

  • Tom Sullivan noted it has been 142 Fridays since his son Alex was shot and killed in the Aurora theater. Sullivan said he has been down to the capitol dozens of times, and he will continue to do so.  He noted in previous testimony, a senator had held up a hammer and indicated more people died from hammers .  A lawyer held up a pen and made the same sort of remark.  Sullivan stated that if the Aurora shooter had brought a hammer or a pen, rather than an assault rifle with a 100-round drum, his son would be alive today. 
In The News


Sarah Brady - A Life Well-Lived

Sarah Brady, who was a tireless organizer and campaigner for gun violence prevention, passed away on April 3rd.   Her husband Jim was seriously wounded in the attempted assasination of President Ronald Reagan.  Jim Brady passed away this past August, as a result of the injuries he received in 1985 (making his death actually a murder). 

Sarah and Jim were responsible for the passage of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act in 1993, which requires a background check before every gun purchase from a gun dealer.  Since then, over 2.4 million sales of firearms to criminals and other dangerous individuals have been stopped.  We don't know how many people's lives these laws have saved, but we should all be thankful for the dedication of Sarah and Jim Brady.

To Jim and Sarah:  Rest in Peace.  Many walk in peace today because of your devotion.

Guns With History

Cognitive Dissonance?

What could they possibly be thinking? 16 Senators and Representatives are cosponsors of both HB1168 AND SB231.SB231 would disarm revenue law enforcement agents (the people who enforce the laws on marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, gaming and racing).  These agents are certified law enforcement officials and undertake firearms training 3 times per year. 

HB1168 would allow any individual with a Concealed Carry Permit to enter a public K-12 school with a hidden handgun.  Realize that each month on average, 95 individuals who applied for CCW permits are arrested for subsequent crimes (CBI data). Only a single half day class is required for the permit.

What?  Disarm specialized highly trained law enforcement and also allow ams in the schools with our children?  Good Grief!

Who are these sixteen?

Senators Marble, Grantham, Holbert, Woods, Lambert, Lundberg, Neville, and Sonnenberg

Representatives Everett, Humphrey, Neville, Ransom, Buck, Joshi, Nordberg, and Saine.

All are Republicans. All need to seriously rethink public safety issues.  Both bills will be voted on this coming Monday.

Guns With History, a new campaign from States United to Prevent Gun Violence, aims to inform people who are interested in purchasing a gun for safety of the potential risks and unpredictable outcomes. Watch the video then visit the website to find out if a gun will make your life safer.

► Annual Review of Public Heath has published a special issue devoted to gun violence prevention and policy. Articles include: Evidence to Guide Gun Violence Prevention in America; The Epidemiology of Firearm Violence in the 21st Century U.S.; and A Public Health Model to Reduce Gun Violence.

► Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, 2015 State Gun Law Trendwatch rounds up and analyzes the positive and negative legislative trends.

► Recent legislative victories include: Virginia Governor McAuliffee vetoed three irresponsible gun bills;  Montana Governor Steve Bullock vetoed two gun rights billsWest Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed bill to let people carry concealed handguns without permits North Dakota Senatedefeated concealed-carry of guns in schools.

► National Education Association, neaToday, States Look to Throw Open School Doors to Concealed Weapons.  State lawmakers in nearly 20 states are looking at bills that would allow guns in k12 schools or on college campuses.

► A new poll from Everytown for Gun Safety finds that 88 percent of likely 2016 voters oppose legislation that would allow gun owners to carry their concealed weapons without a permit.

► Violence Policy Center new website, Concealed Carry Killers. The evidence is clear that all too often, private citizens use their concealed handguns to take lives, not to save them.

► Just hours after meeting with Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah to discuss Noah's "Rock Your Drop' anti-violence campaign, the manager of Chicago rapper Lil Durk was gunned down.  See Noah's comment on the murder here.

Looking Back


December 11th Vigil exceeded all the planners' hopes and expectations.  
Over 200 people attended, heard excellent speakers, marched around the
capitol, signed cards to legislative leaders, and watched a performance on
the capitol steps by Colorado Ceasefire Youth.    Special thanks to Alana
Smart, who chaired the committee that did the extensive planning, and
to Josie Brady for bringing so many youth to the movement.

At long last, our country has a Surgeon General.  It took over a year,
but Dr. Vivek Murthy was confirmed on December 15th despite strong
opposition from the NRA (which told senators it was scoring the vote.).  
Special thanks to Sen. Ted Cruz, whose ploy to hold up a spending bill
enabled the Democratic leadership to bring up the Murthy vote.  
But the greatest thanks are toYOU for your calls to Senators Udall and
Bennet, both of whom supported the Murthy nomination.

NPR’s Political Folk Song of the Year is focused on gender-based
violence, particularly gun violence.   Alynda Lee Segarra wrote “The Body Electric’
because she was disturbed at the comfort level of musicians and  listeners
to violent lyrics.   The recording is by Hurray for the Riff Raff.   Check it out: http://www.npr.org/blogs/therecord/2014/12/11/370125443/the-

Facts:    Stanford researchers John Donahue et al. confirmed that concealed
carry laws, rather than reducing crime, are associated with an increase in
violent crime, particularly aggravated assaults, which researchers show
increased by 8% in states with CCW laws in place.  Although the evidence
is less strong, CCW laws are also associated with increases in rape, robbery and homicide.  http://news.stanford.edu/news/2014/november/donohue-guns-

IRRESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERS – just a small sampling:

Dog shoots man  http://nypost.com/2014/12/19/dog-accidentally-shoots-man/

2-year-old shoots/kills his mother  http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/

Texas Open Carry advocate shoots/kills ex-husband and step-daughter

IA press conference
 Iowans for Gun Safetyurge state lawmakers tocarefully consider public safety ramifications of pending gun bill. ► Jonathan Perloe,Connecticut Against Gun Violence, op-ed, Standing Ground on Tough Gun Laws. ► Why this Manhattan gun store didn't actually sell guns. "Gun owners often believe that firearms make them safer, but having a gun in your home actually makes you far less safe for homicide, suicide and domestic violence," said Leah Gunn Barrett, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence ► Brady Campaign warns not to promote 'attitude of recklessness' in response to Duggar photos of children with guns. ► Heather Martens, Protect Minnesotaspeaks out against bill that would legalize gun suppressors/silencers. Team 26 in DETeam 26, cyclists taking part in an annual ride from Newtown, CT to Washington, D.C. to honor victims of gun violence are greeted by Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence at a stop in Delaware. ► Coalition to Stop Gun Violence delivers petitionsasking WTTG to fire Emily Millerfor statements she made at two gun rallies earlier this year. ► Jennifer Thorne, Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violencespeaks out against a new state law that allows hunters to use suppressors/silencers on guns. ► Everytown for Gun Safetyasks you to make sure your friends and family know about the NRA's guns-on-campus agenda by sharing this bracket on social media. ► Fritz Walker, CeaseFirePA, op-ed, Change rules so suspected terrorists can't buy guns in U.S. Why does the NRA do its best to block legislation that would prevent known terrorists, identified on the Terrorist Watchlist, from purchasing all the guns and ammunition their bloodthirsty hearts desire? It Shouldn't Be This Easy
►  Women Against Gun Violence, It Shouldn't Be This Easy.
Worst of the Week

A. 12-year-old boy was cooking with his older brother when an argument erupted. The boy shot his 6-year-old brother to death, wounded his older brother in the leg and then killed himself. The boy's aunt told reporters theboys' mother owned a gun for protection.

What the Gun Lobby is Doing

► In the hunt to be the 2016 GOP pick, top contenders agree on 1 thing: Guns. There are 15 noteworthy contenders for the Republican Party's presidential nomination. Together, they own at least 40 guns.

► Glock lawsuit: Gun biz run like the Mob.  Gunmaker Gaston Glock allegedly hired a team to root out embezzlement - then turned on them when they found his own dirty dealings.

► Fox claims that FBI report that doesn't cover mass shooting falsified mass shooting data. Fox News relied on claims from discredited gun researcher John Lott to falsely suggest that an FBI report inflated the occurrence of mass shootings, possibly for political reason. The report in question explicitly noted in its introduction, "This is not a study of mass killings or mass shootings."

► Secretive group destroys candidates' chances, leaves few fingerprints. NRA-launched Law Enforcement Alliance of America targets state races and has succeeded in helping knock out 12 state-level candidates in 14 years. 

Community Support

Raw Tools Blacksmith Mike Martin beats "swords into plowshares." Through his organization, Raw Tools, Martin turns guns into garden tools. A recent event in Pennsylvania was attended by Penn State students and local religious organizations.

 Brian McDowell, The Chanute Tribune, Kansas, Targeting a proposed new gun law.  I don't currently own any firearms and prefer to protect by estate with a baseball bat, three trained attack cats, and a generally warm relationship with local police. I have never felt that not owning a gun has ever left me at risk for anything.

► Mike The Gun Guy, Want to take a public health approach to gun violence? Ask the NRA for help. Know why the NRA has been so successful selling the positive utility of guns? Because they have adopted a public health strategy for convincing the public and lawmakers that what they are saying is true.

► Charles Topher, IfYouOnlyNews.com, Ammosexual answers to this question shed a true light on American 'Gun Culture' A Facebook page recently posted this question to their fans: I am a gun owner because____. Overwhelmingly the answer was "because I can."

►  Kimberly Yonkers, CNN, The firearms tragedy we forget about. Guns are a particularly effective way to commit suicide. While firearms are the means used in only 10% of suicide attempts, they are fatal more than 95% of the time.

► Tampa Bay Times, Florida, Editorial, Public safety sacrificed on altar of NRA. It's been a banner session in Tallahassee for gun zealots and the NRA and a terrible one for common sense and public safety.

► National Public Radio, Weekend Edition, William Electric Black tackles gun violence in 5 ambitious plays. Every day, this one shot, that 14-year-old, that 15-year-old, a young girl, basketball star, top-10 in the country just gunned down. So it's just gnawing at me, scratching at me. And I said I have to do something.

► Laurie Roberts, The Republic, Phoenix, AZ, Arizona Legislature: felons deserve guns, too. The AZ Legislature is taking steps to ensure that criminals never have to undergo the indignity of a background check before they buy a gun in this state.  A bill would block voters or future Legislatures from requiring background checks.

► Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check, I made a joke about guns and a man threatened to assault me. Last weekend I made a joke about a secret gun vaporizer on Twitter and then spent three days reporting the myriad rape and death threats I received over social media.


PBS Frontline looks at the Power of the NRA.  
This should air this coming Tuesday.  We agree that we are up against a most powerful force, but the gun lobby  didn’t fare as well as they would like to say in these last elections.  In Colorado it lost both seats gained by recalls.  In Washington state, voters overwhelmingly (60% - 40%) approved universal background checks (like those Colorado enacted in 2013, and for which the sheriffs have had their knickers in a knot ever since).  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/pressroom/press-release-frontline-investigates-the-unrivaled-political-power-of-the-nra/


► Washington, D.C. to begin accepting first applications in decades for concealed-firearm permits. Move comes after federal judge's ruling striking down the District's long-standing concealed-carry ban.

►  After the shooting at the National War Memorial and Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, a look at how gun control works in Canada. Canada's laws are meaningfully stronger than those in the U.S. 

Gun violence is the second leading cause of death for children.
Video on Protecting Children from Gun Violence


Michael Bennet    303-455-7600      202-224-5852        
website for emails:  http://bennet.senate.gov/contact
Cory Gardner (970) 848-2845 (202) 225-4676
website for emails: https://gardner.house.gov/contact-me

Check out this Great Video: http://youtu.be/LORVfnFtcH0

"Nonviolence does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent but to win friendship and understanding, " Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Women and Guns
Background Check Facts
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