Ask Our New Legislature to be Bold on Gun Safety

There’s a new Colorado legislature with a new set of priorities and a limited amount of time to enact them.  It’s up to us to remind legislators how important gun safety is to the people of Colorado.

Please call or email your legislators and senate and house Democratic leadership to encourage them to BE BOLD and support proposals to reduce gun violence.

Click here to find contact information for legislators.


House Speaker KC Becker

House Majority Leader Alec Garnett

*House Minority Leader Patrick Neville

Senate President Leroy Garcia

Senate Majority Leader Stephen Fenberg

*Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert

*Republican leaders Rep. Patrick Neville and Sen. Chris Holbert are totally opposed to our views, so calls from their constituents are important.

We expect the Extreme Risk bill to be the first gun safety bill introduced in this legislative session.  The bill would allow family members and law enforcement to seek court orders to remove firearms from a person who is a danger to self or others.   Ceasefire has worked on enacting this law since May of 2016.  It has been supported by all gun violence prevention groups, Colorado chiefs of police, Colorado sheriffs, and 2/3 of the District Attorneys.  Polling results indicate that 8 out of 10 Colorado voters support the Extreme Risk proposal.

Extreme Risk laws have been adopted in 13 states.  It is time for Colorado to “boldly” work to protect the lives of Coloradans.

Ceasefire, in conjunction with the Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence, supports several additional proposals. Leadership has referred to these as modest and common sense, but would like to pursue the Extreme Risk first and then evaluate. The proposals also have strong support from Colorado voters.  We continue to work behind the scenes to see that these are introduced.   A short fact sheet, which contains polling results, on all is available by clicking here.

Save the Date — Lobby Day January 24th

Bring a friend and join CFCU (Colorado Faith Communities United to End Gun Violence) and Colorado Ceasefire for a lobby day where you’ll learn how to be a citizen advocate.  Information on specific legislative proposals will be provided.  The session will end with attendees walking the two blocks to the capitol and visiting with their respective legislators.

Thursday, January 24th from 9:30-11:30 (longer if you wish to lobby your legislators)
St. Paul’s Church, 1600 Grant St., Denver
Light snacks will be provided.  You may wish to bring a bag lunch.
There is some street parking and nearby parking lots ($$$).  Carpooling or public transportation recommended.

Colorado General Assembly Convenes

On Friday, January 4, the 72nd Colorado General Assembly convened. After an upheaval election, a new and diverse legislative body will be considering the issues of Colorado.  Democrats control the House by 41-24, and the Senate by 19-16.  Women comprise over 60% of the Democratic caucus.  Two house seats remain to be filled by vacancy committees.

Outgoing Speaker Crisanta Duran conveyed words of wisdom to the new House chamber: “We are living in a moment in time where it is not a time to be shy or to be bashful, but it is a time to be bold, to problem solve for all Coloradans.”   She then quoted from the Talmud:  “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief.  Do justly now.   Love mercy now.  Walk humbly now.” 

KC Becker was elected Speaker of the House and in her introductory remarks stated “Coloradans are tired of living with the consequences of inaction,” she said. “They are marching in the streets and taking to the halls of this building. And they are demanding action on gun legislation.”

First up for consideration on Gun Violence Prevention is the Extreme Risk bill, which died in a senate committee last year.  This bill, which will be introduced early,  has a strong chance of passing, but public support must be demonstrated.

In addition to seeking sponsors of gun safety bills noted above, we will be playing defense against bills introduced Friday.  Unafraid of being accused of “overreach,”  pro-gun rights legislators introduced the following bills to loosen Colorado’s gun laws.  Each has been assigned to a State, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee:
HB19-1021 (Saine/Humphrey) Repeal High Capacity Magazine Ban – 6th straight year
HB19-1022 (Sandridge)  Use of Deadly Force in business (Stand Your Ground) – 14th straight year
HB19-1049 (Neville) Guns in Public Schools – 7th straight year.
SB19-033  (Hill)  Automatic Law Waivers for Rural Schools – Could be used for guns in schools.

On the Federal Level 

Democrats took the reins in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday, January 3 and are immediately taking action on addressing gun violence.  This coming Tuesday, January 8th, on the 8th anniversary of the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Democrats will introduce a proposal for universal background checks.   Giffords will join Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Mike Thompson in introducing the bill.  Learn more here.

More than 4 million children endured lock downs last school year, a groundbreaking Washington Post analysis found. The experience left many traumatized.  Read the story here.





‘The World Moves On And You Don’t.’
Parents Who Lost Children in School Shootings Find Comfort in a Group No One Wants to Join’  Read the Time article here.

(L-R) Pamela Wright, Melissa Willey, Andrew Pollack, Darshell Scott, Tom Masuer, Nicole_Hockley and Darrell Scott, the parents of children killed in school shootings in the USA, stand for a portrait at the Meredith Photo Studios in New York, USA on Aug. 31, 2018. Photo by Adam Ferguson for Time


Although Ceasefire is an all-volunteer organization, we do contract with a lobbyist to assist us in our advocacy at the capitol.  Because of the highly successful elections, we anticipate a number of proactive gun violence prevention proposals this coming session, including ERPO (red flag), which Ceasefire spearheaded this past year.  More bills translate into higher lobbying costs.  Your assistance in this is crucial to making Colorado safer.  You can donate to Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action by clicking here or by mailing your donation to Colorado Ceasefire Legislative


Armed and aging: A conversation about seniors, dementia and the right to bear arms…

University of Colorado Medical School study just released Monday find the number of adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia is steadily increasing, but questions around their access to firearms remain largely unaddressed. The study finds firearms are the most common method of suicide among people with dementia, but it explores other serious concerns with firearm possession and dementia. People with dementia can experience hallucinations, delusions, aggression and paranoia, and the study’s lead author, Dr. Emmy Betz with the University of Colorado School of Medicine, found many older adults have access to guns. these Dog 

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